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foto:dok pribadi darian muyapa/KCCM
By: Darian Muyapa

More learns is the best to the encourage for happed clever.becauce,we will  the futhers get on to learn anymore,anytime anywhere for kompetitions global warlds.

And the we  don’t keep spirit to more learn for us futures, as the educations in campus, educations organisations.and in tecnologis development.as long as, our life.

Than we must took the part entirery activity in any level for inportant futures us.

Futhers, we have’t thought looked down for teacing develop for global warld futures.

Than futhermore,we don’t worryed all defeated for our activity experience.

And now must talking with the violence that, we must cakable and audieble to answerend global warld.

At 9.00 wbp,in kopadagi jayapura. Yosep bunai said that,we have been precense in jayapura city is, we have our to wan’t to the man or women that clevered,becauce we will have been more learnt and truth.

Futhermore,yosep said,must be confidenced and aprecieted with some one,despite senior or junior in almoust you life.

Than,we must permanent life for aur each shack where do your life.

And we don’t deferent betwen some one or some level each.

Kopakodagi,(09/11/2015), Jayapura, Papua.
Author by: Muyapa Darian Geinemuyumai/KCCM

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